Thermal Lamination


Model Shown: MAX Lam 14”, 27”, 32”

Pneumatic pressure for easy and Quick adjustment of Laminating pressure
Large diameter Laminating cylinder for efficient and high quality Lamination
Imported Programmable digital temperature control for consistent Laminating heat.
Highly efficient infrared heating system
Film Slitting attachment

Model : Max 27”
Max Lamination Width : 690mm
Paper Stock Range : 100- 500 GSM
Max Machine Speed :
Electrical with infra red special with PID controller
Power : Heater 3000 Watts 3 Phase 1 HP AC Motor with Imported Invertor (Connectable to Single Phase Power Supply)
Online Temperature : 900 – 1100 C
Drive : AC Frequency Controlled variable speed drive
Feeding : Manual
NIP Roll for Lamination : Pneumatic pressure
Weight : Apx 750 Kgs


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